Over a year ago, right before 2020 was turned on its head,

God pressed upon my spirit to start a podcast. A place where struggling Christians can come together and discuss their particular "life clip".

When LifeClips first started, we had open conversations regarding difficult and taboo subjects.

Like addiction,



worry, suicide, and more!

The stories being told were just a "clip of their life and a place where they did not stay. A place they could not stay!

LifeClips wanted to make sure we gave



and Biblical Truth

  • Encouragement for the difficult times that many Christians go through. Knowing you can break free in Jesus.

  • Freedom for the unsaved by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Biblical TRUTH because without this, the first two are in vain.

Then 2020 happened

Life, not only the believer, but the unbeliever, seemed to change overnight.

The prophecy timeline seemed to have sped up! We all see these crazy times.

It seems like the earth is groaning in all areas.

  • The continued political upheaval and the rapidly growing divisions globally, socially, economically, medically, and religiously.

  • The weather (creation groaning);

  • The rise of new-age spirituality;

  • The growing talk of UFOs and aliens;

  • The growing movement of the godless churches, the continued rise of false teachers, and the compromised church. Having a form of godliness but denying it's power. Satan and his army masquerading as workers of righteousness.

  • We are seeing the beast's system being set up, and we are not even in the Tribulation.

A system that will come in the mid-half of the Tribulation where global currency, a one world government and one man will rule over it all. His soon coming system of tyranny will dominate those latter years.

If we are seeing the narrative now, how much closer are we to the rapture?

The fake news narrative is in place for when we are raptured. Will you believe "the lie" when that time comes? I hope not! This is why I do these podcasts and speak to family and friends so feverishly about Christ and His soon return.

The lies rapidly began in 2016 when the fake news continuously reported about a "stolen election" yet in 2020, you could NOT talk about what we all know was a stolen election.

The fake news spin was out of control in 2020. There was a virus that was manipulated in a lab in Wuhan, China. This TRUTH came out ASAP yet the spin of the WEF and the WHO could NOT have that happen. A lie of great magnitude was formed and being pushed on every social media site and news outlet. This drove people crazy, literally.

You were censored, banned or even had your livelihood taken away if you came out against anyone with the FAKE news narrative. The sides were clearly divided.

  1. Suicide had increased to levels no one had ever seen. Their plan was working.

  2. Their false information narrative had many driving in their cars, by themselves, being masked and gloved up.

  3. Obeying little stickers on the ground.

  4. Wearing not one, but two or even three masks.

  5. They coined new terms like "the new normal" and "shut-ins".

  6. A vaccine narrative and passports to comply. States that were red were mostly open and blue states were ran by the tyrannical.

  7. A shift in the political sphere had begun.

However, while the world seemed to be believing this lie and not able to think for themselves, those, who's noses are in the Word of God, were seeing things we'd never seen before...

These fake narratives are being spun all around us for a reason. They are turning evil for good and good for evil. The agenda against our children. The rise of the days of Noah and Lot.

God's wrath is soon to come.

No need to have rapture anxiety if you are saved!

The STAGE is set!

Lifeclips still does "life clip" episodes however, with the nearing rapture on the horizon,

Lifeclips sort of changed!

We are still a place where truth, biblical truth, will always be spoken and a place where people are free to be them in their brokenness, their hopelessness, their helplessness, their doubt, their worry, their anxiety, their loneliness, their fear, and more! Why?

Because we as the church need to do better! We need to reach out our hands and our bibles to the broken and the hurting.

There is no better time than the present to be encouraged, to break free from the bondage of fear worry, doubt, anxiety, depression and more. However, to do that, one must hear the truth of God's word.

God sent His ONLY Son into this world to die for ALL mankind.

Jesus pinned Himself, willingly, on a cross and bore our sins. He bled and died for us. One must only believe through FAITH that Jesus came to earth, was born of a virgin, He lived a sinless life, He died on Calvary, and, halleluiah, three days later, He came up out of that tomb.

Jesus was seen by over 500 people before He ascended in heaven and now sits at the right hand of God the Father.

There is coming a day when only the BRIDE of Christ will hear a sound from heaven and be snatched out of this godless, lawless and perverted planet. Christ will return again in all His glory and redeem the remnant Israel.

Christ will rule and reign from the throne of David for 1,000 years in Jerusalem.

If you have not already, I implore you TODAY to believe through faith that Jesus is who He said He is. Turn your head knowledge into heart knowledge today!

Time is running out!!

Like the sand from the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Tune in every Wednesday and Friday.

Grab your BIBLE, coffee or tea

it's going to be a good one!